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It's time to renew your FORBS Membership for 2016

The Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas
also known as (FORBS)
are the hosts of the
original Santa Reunion and Luncheon.

FORBS Santa reunion Cruise 2017

Here is the latest information about the 2017 Reunion luncheon Cruise. We have tried to make it affordable to all if you just plan a little. We are looking forward to a great time. Please consider joining us. To join us, please send an email to our Travel Agent Char. Give her your phone number, the suite you want, and the legal name and Date of birth of each passenger as on their photo ID. She will call you to get your deposit over the phone.


Jan 28th, 2017 at 5:00PM.

Jan 29th, arrives at Santa Catalina in the morning and leaves late afternoon.

Jan 30th, Arrives in Ensenada Mexico at 8:00 AM and departs 6:00 PM.

Jan 31st, a day “at sea” with casinos open and fun stuff. This day we will have a
couple of seminars, and have a dining room of our own for the annual reunion
Luncheon with ”the Last Sleigh Ride”, songs, maybe a cruise wear fashion show
and we do not know what else yet.

Feb 1st wake up in port. Eat breakfast and disembark.

For the itinerary click here.

None of these prices include Travel Insurance which is $49.00 per person if you desire to add that. In all Cases, we need $150.00 per person deposit on the reservation when you book. Then you can spread the remainder of the cost over 2 payments. Must be paid in full by November 29th 2016.

   We have four Inside Cabins at their original price, and these 4 are totally refundable until Nov. 28th

Category Cruise Rate pp Port/tax pp Total per p Total 2 p Gratuity Total + gratuity
Inside double $90.00 $190.09 $280.09 $560.18 $48.00 ea $656.18
Inside single  $180.00 $190.09 $370.09  N/A $48.00 $418.09
3rd person $10.00 $190.09 $200.09 N/A $48.00 $248.09

  We now have 10 Ocean View Cabins added. This price has gone up $10.00 per person, and we must get a deposit by June 24th to guarantee this price. Then it may go up again. Fully refundable until Nov 28th

Ocean View Cruise Rate PP Port/tax pp Total per p Total for 2 Gratuity Total + gratuity
Outside Dbl $140.00 $190.09 $330.09 $660.18  $48.00 ea $756.18
Outside sing $280.00 $190.09 $470.09 N/A $48.00 $518.09
3rd person $20.00 $190.09 $210.09 N/A    $48.00 $258.09

We have 6 Jr. Suites left. A couple can reserve a Jr. suite at a non-refundable rate of $1240.18 OR a couple can reserve a Jr Suite for a refundable price of $1380.18

The Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas
Would like to thank all those that attended
The 22
nd Annual Santa Reunion on the weekend of
January 29
th - 31st 2016

21st Annual Santa Reunion group photo 25 Jan 2015

The Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas
Would like to thank all those that attended
The 21
st Annual Santa Reunion on the weekend of
January 23
rd - 25th 2015  

FORBS Reunion Santa animated


The Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas is a regional association. But if you attended the reunion and meet all other qualifications you can now join.

FORBS Membership shall be available to any resident of California, Arizona or Nevada who grows a beard for the purpose of portraying Santa Claus, who agrees to subscribe to the organization's Goal & Tenets (FORBS Bylaws, Article II, Section 2,) and whose application is accompanied by a digital facsimile of a government-issued ID, along with a clean FORBS Background Check (administered by industry-leader IntelliCorp). - which also activates the exclusive Abuse & Molestation protection included in the FORBS Liability Insurance policy. (optional).


Our bylaws have been changed by a vote of our membership to include having those that attend our Annual Santa Reunion and meet the requirements of membership with the exception of residence be able to join FORBS.

What this means is that if you are from another state outside of our regional  area of California, Arizona & Nevada and attended the 20th Annual Santa Reunion & meet our other requirements you can join FORBS.


It's time to
renew your
Membership For 2016
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